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How to choose the right fruits and vegetables for OPTIMAL JUICING!

We all have our idea of “health” and what is best for our bodies. How many times have you seen someone who wants to lose a lot of weight do the WRONG thing? It happens quite a bit. They are trying to produce a positive result in the wrong way.

The same thing holds true for juicing. If you are going to take the time to juice for HEALTH there are a few basic things to get down FIRST before beginning. These are things that will help you to work “smarter” not “harder”!

If you are going to choose fruits and vegetables for juicing be sure that they are ORGANIC fruits and vegetables. There will be objections from those saying that this is NOT necessary however, it IS. There will always be the waging war on ORGANIC vs. NON ORGANIC.

Here is our reasoning behind it. If you choose organic – you are limiting your intake of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides! This is not good for your body to absorb and while you can wash of SOME .. there are others which cant be washed off. These are known as systemic pesticides which are in the soil and CANT be washed off of fruits and vegetables.

Ok – NO FLUFF here. Is organic more expensive. Well, how much is your health worth? Truly, I would say it would be worth skipping ONE meal out per week or limiting your blah blah blah “latte” to afford this crucial part of health.

Do a little test one day – buy an organic cucumber, apple and grapefruit. Buy a NON ORGANIC cucumber, apple and grapefruit. Eat them and tell me you do not taste a difference. The ripeness, texture, and TASTE are ALL different!
This is not the main topic of the blog posting here so reach out if you have more specific questions.

Moving on. It is key to gently pick up your fruits and vegetables to feel for thickness, softness, mushiness or over ripened fruits and veggies. You want to put nutrients in your juice that have not been sitting for too long but likewise, are not too firm either. This can be a sign that they were not able to fully ripen.

Sometimes, you can even find local farms or community Co-op’s to get involved in! This way, you can get your veggies and fruits at a lower cost.

It is always recommended to wash all of your fruits and veggies (whether organic or not) to rinse away any dirt, residue or germs from others touching them.

Look up online for fruits and vegetables that are “in season” as this will save you money too and give you new ideas for making “seasonal juices”.

Remember, this is about YOUR HEALTH, and YOUR TASTES. Experiment with different fruits and vegetables until you find concoctions that you (and your tastebuds!) love.

Try to opt for lots of GREENS in your juice. Pick out lettuces, chards and kale that are packed with nutrients and enzymes. These foods are truly LIFE GIVING!

Lastly, when you choose your fruits and vegetables… do NOT buy bulk. Depending on your day, your routine or your specific protocol… you dont want to waste your money by letting fruits and veggies go bad. We go every day to every other day to ensure our fruits and veggies stay their freshest. This is key to extracting the potent enzymes and nutrients these magical foods hold.

We also recommend purchasing the The BLU Apple! (We bought 2 from our local Nutrition Smart) they absorb ethylene gas. This is a gas that plants, veggies and fruits omit while decomposing. This makes your produce and fruits last longer!  There are also produce bags that we suggest purchasing to store all of your produce properly.

Get ready for some great posts in 2011!~ We are going to break down the various fruits/veggies and their benefits as well as many other awesome topics!

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